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Jan 17
Installing WP-Property

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The first video demonstrates how to install WP-Property and add a building property with basic information. We also upload some images, set a featured image, and add the gallery widget.

Setting up Property Page

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It’s very important to properly set up the default property page, the page used for displaying property search results.  There are a few options that you can configure, this tutorial explains this in more detail.

Using Address Attributes in Shortcodes

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Let’s say suppose you want to let your visitors search by state, or even zip code.  This can be done relatively easily because WP-Property breaks up every properties’ address into different attributes. This video explains how to do this in more detail.

Dec 28
Image Alignment and Styles

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This page is filled with sample content illustrating what various image types look like in 2010. Right-aligned medium Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas vel ultricies sapien. Proin eu accumsan metus. Pellentesque varius aliquet sapien, sed laoreet diam viverra vel. Phasellus condimentum congue ante. Donec porttitor eleifend erat eget faucibus. Vivamus mattis […]

Dec 15
Denali Launched

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Denali theme is a premium theme designed specifically for WP-Property. There are many advantages over using the Denali – WP-Property combination: Your real estate information is stored independently of your theme – meaning if you choose to change themes at any point, your real estate listings will not be lost – a limitation of using […]

Sep 04
Single Family Homes

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These are our single family homes.